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“The most important and fascinating sports book in years…”

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- Allen Barra, The Star-Ledger

Scorecasting is both scholarly and entertaining, a rare double. It gets beyond the cliched narratives and tried-but-not-necessarily-true assumptions to reveal significant and fascinating truths about sports.”

- Bob Costas, NBC Sports commentator

“The closest thing to Freakonomics I’ve seen since the original. A rare combination of terrific storytelling and unconventional thinking. I love this book.”

- Steven D. Levitt, best-selling author of Freakonomics and Professor of Economics, University of Chicago

“I love this book. If I told you why, the NBA would fine me again. What is most disappointing, if this book had been written years ago I could have just handed it to the NBA rather than getting fined all those times!”

- Mark Cuban, owner Dallas Mavericks

“A counterintuitive, innovative, unexpected handbook for sports fans interested in the truths that underpin our favorite games. With their lively minds and prose, Moskowitz and Wertheim will change the way you think about and watch sports. Not just for stats nerds, Scorecasting enlightens and entertains. I wish I had thought of it!”

- Jeremy Schaap, ESPN reporter, Author of Cinderella Man

“(Sports + numbers) x great writing = winning formula. A must read for all couch analysts.”

- Richard Thaler, best-selling author of Nudge and Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics, University of Chicago

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